ZHAO Yuan'an, Ph.D.

Update time: 2019-02-25

Optical engineering
Phone: +86-21-69918743
Email: yazhao@siom.ac.cn

Research Focus
Prof. ZHAO Yuanan focuses on high power laser materials and laser-material interaction fundamentals. The interested materials include thin film coatings, crystals, liquid crystal components, and nano-structural components. Self-developed metrologies for characterizing optical materials are also his interests, including laser damage testing, photo-thermal absorption detection, laser scattering measurement, high accuracy laser photometer, as well as nonlinear absorption evaluation based on pump-probe techniques.
[1] First-class Shanghai Technology Invention Award, 2017.
[2] First-class Anhui Science and Technology Progress Award, 2017.
[3] Second-class Army Science and Technology Progress Award, 2012.
Published more than 100 papers, including recent papers as followings:
[1] High Power Laser Science and Engineering 6, e41 2018 (Corresponding Author)
[2] Optics Letters 41(7), 1534 2016 (Corresponding Author)
[3] Optics Express, 23(12), 16273 2015 (Corresponding Author)
[4] Optics Express, 23(11), 14774 2015 (Corresponding Author)
[5] Applied Physics Letters 102, 081605 2013 (Corresponding Author)