JIN Yunxia, Ph.D.

Update time: 2019-02-25


Optical engineering and materials sciences
Phone: +86-21-69918462
Email: yxjin@siom.ac.cn

Research Focus
Professor JIN is engaged in research covering all aspects of optics and its application in lasers system, including functional thin films, relief gratings, metasurface, Bragg gratings and so on, and also focus on the study of laser interaction with materials and optics . These science and technologies have applications in industry and manufacturing, communication and information technology, energy and lighting, and defense and homeland security.
[1] First-class Army Science and Technology Progress Award, 2016
[2] Second-class Army Science and Technology Progress Award, 2012
Published more than 100 papers, including recent papers as following:
[1] Scientific Reports 8, 5228 2018 (Corresponding Author)
[2] Optics Express 26, 21675 2018 (Corresponding Author)
[3] Optical Materials 75, 727 2018 (Corresponding Author)
[4] Optical Materials 81, 151 2018(Corresponding Author)
[5] Optics Letters 42, 4016 2017(Corresponding Author)