SHAO Jianda, Ph.D.

Update time: 2019-02-25

Optical engineering and optical materials
Phone: +86-21-69918461

Research Focus
Prof. SHAO Jianda has been working on the laser film with high-performance, high-damage threshold and the improvement of laser damage resistance of optical components. In recent years, as the leader of optical component research team in National Science and Technology Major Project, his research work mainly focused on the research and development of optical components in the ICF laser driver, and responsible for research in raw material preparation, optical processing, optical measurement, laser damage resistance improvement.
[1] First-class Shanghai Technology Invention Award, 2017
[2] First-class Anhui Science and Technology Progress Award, 2017
[3] Second-class Army Science and Technology Progress Award, 2012
Published more than 200 papers, including recent papers as following:
[1] Scientific Reports,8, 5228 2018 (Corresponding Author)
[2] Optics Letters 43(18), 4538 2018 (Corresponding Author)
[3] Optics Letters 42(19), 4015, 2017 (Corresponding Author)
[4] Optics Express 25(12), 13916 2017(Corresponding Author)
[5] Optics Letters 41(7), 1534 2017(Corresponding Author)