WEI Chaoyang, Ph.D.

Update time: 2019-02-25

Professor and Research Director
Optical engineering and materials sciences
Phone: +86-21-69918462
Email: siomwei@siom.ac.cn

Research Focus
Advanced optical manufacturing and inspection
Laser polishing, laser cleaning, laser destruction.
Meritorious of Shanghai Technology Invention
Meritorious of Military science and technology progress
[1] Wei C, Yi K, Fan Z, et al. Influence of composition and seed dimension on the structure and laser damage of nodular defects in HfO 2/SiO 2 high reflectors[J]. Applied optics
[2] Liu W, Wei C, Yi K, et al. Postprocessing treatments to improve the laser damage resistance of fused silica optical surfaces and SiO 2 coatings[J]. Chinese Optics Letters