LIU Shijie, Ph.D.

Update time: 2019-02-20

Professor and Research Director
Optical engineering and materials sciences
Phone: +86-13482344778

Research Focus
Multi-degree of freedom, large dynamic range, high resolution and high precision detection technology for advanced optical manufacturing technology
Key module units, core software algorithms and integration new technologies required for high-precision real-time monitoring technology of surface shape, defect and other parameters in precision machining
Meritorious of Shanghai Technology Invention, 2017
Meritorious of Science and Technology Progress in Anhui Province, 2017
[1] Wang S, Liu S, Shao J, et al. Apparatus for measuring the uniformity of the optical transmittance of a semispherical surface at normal incidence[J]. Applied optics
[2] Wang S, Liu S, Shao J, et al. Motionless and fast measurement technique for obtaining the spectral diffraction efficiencies of a grating[J]. Review of Scientific Instruments