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R&D Center of High Power Laser Components
Update time: 11-07-2011
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   R&D Center of High Power Laser Components of SIOM is a research organization that first enters "Knowledge Innovation Project" of CAS. It is the only professional research and production unit in China that has mass manufacturing ability in large scale high quality laser glass.

   The Center has completed dozens of research projects and achieved many rewards, including the first and second class prize of National Science & Technology Advancing Award and many National and Provincial Science & Technology Awards. Now the Center carries on many research projects, containing the National 863 Project, Great Innovation Project of CAS, National Natural Science Foundation project and project of Shanghai Science Committee. Researches in operation include: Nd3+:glass for high peak power, high energy repetitive frequency laser glass, new type laser glass and special optical fibers.


   1. Well-developed melting technique


   2. High standard quality control


   3. Professional properties measurement


   Since 1964, Laser Source Research and Development Center of CAS has engaged in the work of research, design, production and testing of all kinds of laser sources. Meantime, the integration technology of instruments with optics and electronics is the main development direction.

   The center now has 15 research achievements and 30 patented techniques, and has drawn up the national standard of pulsed xenon lamp. The center has been containing close cooperation with domestic enterprises and companies and the R&D products have been widely used in various industries such as laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking, phototypesetting and cosmetology. The current production capacity of the center reaches the level of ten thousand pieces per year and occupies a quarter of China market share.

   1. Integrated test platform of large scale xenon lamp and neodymium glass disk


   2.Solar cell array illumination system


   3.High power pulsed xenon lamp

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