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Laboratory for High Density Optical Storage Technology
Update time: 11-07-2011
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  Laboratory for High Density Optical Storage Technology(LHDOS)was established in 1985, and now becomes one of the most important R&D centers for information storage in China. LHDOS is engaged in the R&D of materials and physics for high density data storage, optical disc technique and media, nonlinear nano-optics and micro-nano-structure fabrication, laser direct writing system and applications, optical design and testing etc.. Up to the present, 11 scientific achievements have been rewarded by the central or local governments. Since 1988, LHDOS has successfully sponsored and hosted series of International Symposia on Optical Storage (ISOS).

   1. R&D platform for recordable optical discs

   2. Multi-targets sputtering system

   3. R&D of new recording materials and super-resolution optical discs

   4. Written Patterns of laser direct writing system

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