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Research Center of Space Laser Information Technology
Update time: 11-07-2011
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  The Research Center of Space Laser Information Technology (CSLIT) is a department for laser science and application basics, focusing on all-solid-state lasers and laser system technology. Two key laboratories are involved in CSLIT, Key Laboratory of Space Laser Communications and Test Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as Shanghai Key Laboratory of All Solid-state Laser and Applied Techniques. Center's main research fields are novel all-solid-state laser technology such as high-energy fiber lasers and high-energy all-solid-lasers, high-speed space laser communications terminal and laser radar technology, spaceborne all-solid-state lasers and system technology.

   1. A series of SIOM airborne and space laser systems

   2. Optical PAT performance test platform

   3. Conductively cooled, injection seeded, LD pumped single frequency Nd:YAG slab laser

   4. High power fiber lasers and beam combining technologies

   5. Fiber Bragg grating

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