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State Key Laboratory of High Field Laser Physics
Update time: 11-07-2011
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  The State Key Laboratory of High Field Laser Physics is engaged mainly in laser physics, particularly high field laser physics and related pioneer researches on new frontiers and new orientations, including the new generation physics and techniques of ultra-intense, ultra-short pulse laser sources; laser physics experiments and theories at high field, ultra-fast extreme conditions; ultra-intense and ultra-short pulse laser interaction with matters; the opening up of new frontiers and new orientations, such as quantum coherent control of atoms and electrons, high field, high energy density physics etc.; scientific basis of high technologies with strategic significance, such as ultra-short wavelength coherent radiation and laser nuclear fusion, etc., based on high field ultra-fast conditions; related new detection techniques and new methods, and interdisciplinary application basis, such as material science, life science and information science. The laboratory was elected as an excellent laboratory twice in succession at the evaluation meeting (2000 and 2005) organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology among the nation-wide state key laboratories and the laboratories of mathematics and physics science of various departments.

  1. The experimental platform for the attosecond pulse generation and applications


  2、3. Femtosecond Petawatt-level ultra-intense and ultra-short Tisapphire laser system: relativistic interaction platform and laser acceleration of high energy particles and table-top laser fusion research


  4. The 16.7 TW/120 fs table-top ultra-intense and ultra-short pulse laser system based on optical parametric chirped pulse amplification (OPCPA) new concept

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